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An Update from Sudhanshu — DAC Beachcroft


My first few runs were not at all that good as I had to stop at least 5-6 times in that 1.5 miles stretch before heading back home. Never again, I thought at the end of each of each of those first runs!

But 1.5 miles of torture yielded me sweat and as my body broke sweat those tired and aching muscles gave me a feel good feeling of undoing my bad karma of eating cakes and biscuits and that is what kept me going. The lure of burning more calories was too great and I had now discovered I could relieve my agony during running by improving on my techniques. keeping up the pace was better than stop / start, being light-footed was another great discovery I promised myself I am going to try again and will go really slow - I will just jog, not really run and this is what took away my fear of running. I always have the option to take a break in between and walk it out of I can't make it but over time I did not need those concessions. Keeping the heel toe, heel toe rhythm was much soothing I seem to get into a meditative state whilst pretending to run but all I am doing is the running action and a slightly faster pace of walking.

Now towards the end of this Challenge I am no longer afraid of running and for the last couple of days I have been able to run non-stop without stopping or walking in between even once. Hey, I have transitioned from walking to running this October! Thank you ActiveOctober Challenge to overcome my fear of running and getting me started with a more cardio form of exercise that helps burning calories faster than walking and improves my circulation. Don't get me wrong - walking is still my preferred activity but now I can run as well! That's certainly a plus - hope to keep up with running - thanks again #TWAtiveOctober Challenge!