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An Update from Sudhanshu — DAC Beachcroft

Transitioning from Walking to Running this October!

My doctor has advised me to reduce my weight and I have been taking this advice seriously for my own good. I normally try and achieve my daily step target and even make up my steps I miss on a lazy day! However, running is not my thing and I am terrible even for short distances as I run out of breath, lose the strength in my legs and pant like a dog in 5 minutes flat. I really marvel at people doing their runs especially those training for marathons and continue running with determination despite getting sweaty and wet in sweat.

Prior to the beginning of #TWActiveOctober Challenge all I did were walking journeys. But as I started logging journeys for the Challenge, the stats began accumulating and I realised that the only way to burn more calories for the same number of steps is to run them out! I did of the unthinkable and I pushed myself into running.. Just as I started trotting along I told myself I will go slow and walk in between if I am exhausted. And I was, in less than 5 minutes - the usual - breathlessness, a feeling I am going to faint any moment, a pain in my belly, thighs aching and knees giving away! So after that bold start I stopped running after the first 5 minutes and here I was walking along maybe 15-20 steps - when someone passed me running smartly at a steady pace - clip clop clip clop! Damn, shame on me I thought to myself and started trotting again. This happened again and again but I went on for however long I could run at a stretch. Pretty bad run it was the first run and I was almost walking again no sooner I started the run but I was quite determined that day, I continued moving my arms pretending to run although it was no better than my walking pace! A couple of kids passed me from opposite side, they must have laughed on me, seeing that miserable mockery of what I claim as a run! Finally I reached home and I was not at all happy with my own performance nor feeling physically comfortable at the state my body was - tired, embarrassed, panting...

As I eased into a walk I asked myself what is it that is really my problem? Then I analysed carefully and my leg muscles were a bit tight at the foot and that hurt when I tried to run. So the first thing to overcome that pain was to loosen them up (which I did) and the hurt in my leg reduced a bit. Next it was that wincing and twitching in my belly and I noticed I am not breathing enough - just taking short breathes and that too arrhythmically, so I must improve on that the next time I try running. So the next day I put into practice all these nitty grittiest and started breathing easy and fuller. Lo behold, it actually made my body feel better whilst running but I was just not used to this still and stopped every now and then but at least it wasn't as bad as the previous run. At least I now knew what I could do to be able to rid that terrible feeling I got into, every time I started running... My first few runs were n