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First day I have felt a little down about working from home - more important than ever to get out in the fresh air between the rain showers today!

Wow, didn't realise how long it takes for it to get light in the morning.

Even more of a reason to take advantage daylight hours and have a quick walk around the block during the day.

It's always a Challenge to keep active especially as the days become short and the chill creeping in... Most of us are WFH but I push myself out 3 times a day to keep active - a bit of determination, thanks #TWActiveOcotober - it's 16 Ocotober 2020 - mid month today!

Picked up my 1st passenger in Blackhorse yesterday, then onto Frenchay to pick up the 2nd...a 'scenic' drive in good company

I have reached my target of walking at least 3 Miles every day in October so far - logging them in the application each day motivates me to do another day

Walking to and from the shops a lot today. Had a big hair cut to donate to the little princess trust.

Soggy run in the rain this morning. Had to call for a pick up when the dog was struggling though.

Storm Alex is starting here today; no commute to the office today, but will dodge the showers to get at least a small walk in today

Managed to get in a nice walk before working from home today - and avoided the rain.

I have set myself a challenge to exercise for 10 miles per day for 150 days starting 29th September 2020. I am hoping that most of this will be e-cycling. This is to get me through winter and into Spring 2021.

Only one day to go. After a few tough months adjusting, now looking forward to recording my daily activity!

Looking forward to this!