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Instead of a normal family holiday we decided to go on a cycling holiday with our young children this half term. Our 6 year old cycled all the way from Nailsea to Cheddar with a night in Winscombe on the way before cycling back the next day. Our 4 year old was mostly in the bike seat but did a bit of off road cycling on her balance bike. We didn't let the rain put us off and we all had a great time!


My first few runs were not at all that good as I had to stop at least 5-6 times in that 1.5 miles stretch before heading back home. Never again, I thought at the end of each of each of those first runs!

But 1.5 miles of torture yielded me sweat and as my body broke sweat those tired and aching muscles gave me a feel good feeling of undoing my bad karma of eating cakes and biscuits and that is what kept me going. The lure of burning more calories was too great and I had now discovered I could relieve my agony during running by improving on my techniques. keeping up the pace was better than stop / start, being light-footed was another great discovery I promised myself I am going to try again and will go really slow - I will just jog, not really run and this is what took away my fear of running. I always have the option to take a break in between and walk it out of I can't make it but over time I did not need those concessions. Keeping the heel toe, heel toe rhythm was much soothing I seem to get into a meditative state whilst pretending to run but all I am doing is the running action and a slightly faster pace of walking.

Now towards the end of this Challenge I am no longer afraid of running and for the last couple of days I have been able to run non-stop without stopping or walking in between even once. Hey, I have transitioned from walking to running this October! Thank you ActiveOctober Challenge to overcome my fear of running and getting me started with a more cardio form of exercise that helps burning calories faster than walking and improves my circulation. Don't get me wrong - walking is still my preferred activity but now I can run as well! That's certainly a plus - hope to keep up with running - thanks again #TWAtiveOctober Challenge!

Transitioning from Walking to Running this October!

My doctor has advised me to reduce my weight and I have been taking this advice seriously for my own good. I normally try and achieve my daily step target and even make up my steps I miss on a lazy day! However, running is not my thing and I am terrible even for short distances as I run out of breath, lose the strength in my legs and pant like a dog in 5 minutes flat. I really marvel at people doing their runs especially those training for marathons and continue running with determination despite getting sweaty and wet in sweat.

Prior to the beginning of #TWActiveOctober Challenge all I did were walking journeys. But as I started logging journeys for the Challenge, the stats began accumulating and I realised that the only way to burn more calories for the same number of steps is to run them out! I did of the unthinkable and I pushed myself into running.. Just as I started trotting along I told myself I will go slow and walk in between if I am exhausted. And I was, in less than 5 minutes - the usual - breathlessness, a feeling I am going to faint any moment, a pain in my belly, thighs aching and knees giving away! So after that bold start I stopped running after the first 5 minutes and here I was walking along maybe 15-20 steps - when someone passed me running smartly at a steady pace - clip clop clip clop! Damn, shame on me I thought to myself and started trotting again. This happened again and again but I went on for however long I could run at a stretch. Pretty bad run it was the first run and I was almost walking again no sooner I started the run but I was quite determined that day, I continued moving my arms pretending to run although it was no better than my walking pace! A couple of kids passed me from opposite side, they must have laughed on me, seeing that miserable mockery of what I claim as a run! Finally I reached home and I was not at all happy with my own performance nor feeling physically comfortable at the state my body was - tired, embarrassed, panting...

As I eased into a walk I asked myself what is it that is really my problem? Then I analysed carefully and my leg muscles were a bit tight at the foot and that hurt when I tried to run. So the first thing to overcome that pain was to loosen them up (which I did) and the hurt in my leg reduced a bit. Next it was that wincing and twitching in my belly and I noticed I am not breathing enough - just taking short breathes and that too arrhythmically, so I must improve on that the next time I try running. So the next day I put into practice all these nitty grittiest and started breathing easy and fuller. Lo behold, it actually made my body feel better whilst running but I was just not used to this still and stopped every now and then but at least it wasn't as bad as the previous run. At least I now knew what I could do to be able to rid that terrible feeling I got into, every time I started running... My first few runs were n

just spent £20 on new lights for my bike with 20% discount from my rewards wold have been £24.99. I have save £25 in fuel wooho

Motivation definitely needed when 6am alarm went off, and looked out the window to see how dark it still was! Wrapped up warmly walking through leafy pavements to work I really felt much better getting some exercise before arriving at Bristol Eye Hospital to start work. Winter mornings and evenings need a bit more effort to stay fit and healthy, so think Active October Challenge is helping!

Just scored a voucher for participating in this challenge! Yew!

I think I have levelled-up in cycling experience after trying a MTB trail!

Wow can’t believe I have done 6.5 miles cycling 🚵‍♀️

The Autumn colour of trees en-route to work today was beautiful. Traffic was light too.

First day I have felt a little down about working from home - more important than ever to get out in the fresh air between the rain showers today!

Wow, didn't realise how long it takes for it to get light in the morning.

Even more of a reason to take advantage daylight hours and have a quick walk around the block during the day.

It's always a Challenge to keep active especially as the days become short and the chill creeping in... Most of us are WFH but I push myself out 3 times a day to keep active - a bit of determination, thanks #TWActiveOcotober - it's 16 Ocotober 2020 - mid month today!

Picked up my 1st passenger in Blackhorse yesterday, then onto Frenchay to pick up the 2nd...a 'scenic' drive in good company

I have reached my target of walking at least 3 Miles every day in October so far - logging them in the application each day motivates me to do another day

Walking to and from the shops a lot today. Had a big hair cut to donate to the little princess trust.

Soggy run in the rain this morning. Had to call for a pick up when the dog was struggling though.

Storm Alex is starting here today; no commute to the office today, but will dodge the showers to get at least a small walk in today

Managed to get in a nice walk before working from home today - and avoided the rain.

I have set myself a challenge to exercise for 10 miles per day for 150 days starting 29th September 2020. I am hoping that most of this will be e-cycling. This is to get me through winter and into Spring 2021.

Only one day to go. After a few tough months adjusting, now looking forward to recording my daily activity!