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About the Challenge

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The Active October Challenge is an online journey-logging tool. You can record your journeys and challenge yourself to be more active throughout October.

With the Covid 19 pandemic impacting on how we travel and work, this time we have made some changes and you can now record your activity even when you are working from home. There will be prizes and encouragement along the way and you can also interact with your colleagues and share your experiences. The Challenge runs from 1 to 31 October 2020.

What is the Challenge?

The Challenge is designed to encourage people from any organisation in Bath & NE Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire to travel actively and switch to walking, cycling - for all or part of journeys - and use public transport where appropriate.

You can log any journey such as your usual commute, a trip to the shops, or the school run. Many more people are working from home now, so the Challenge also encourages you to have a break and walk, run or cycle during the day, and you can log these activities too.

It's free and easy to take part and you can log your journeys for business travel too. All you need to do is register to take part and start logging your journeys in October to move up the leader board. Anyone in the travelwest area can take part and you can compete against other organisations and individuals too.

It’s great fun and we'll be giving out loads of prizes along the way!


Why take part?

Take part because it's a great way to get active this autumn!

This online tool provides detailed feedback on your progress, access to great rewards and allows you to interact with friends, colleagues and other participants from across the region.

There are also a wide range of prizes on offer for individuals and groups to encourage you along the way.

Perhaps most importantly, cycling, scooting running and walking are great ways of incorporating exercise into your day; whilst public transport, lift sharing are great ways to reduce congestion and can save you money. All this helps you get fitter, feel good, and do your bit for the environment too.

Which journeys count?

Any journeys to work or for work that are carried out on foot, by bike, public transport or car-share all count. You can also log other journeys too! Log your trips to the shops, school or to a leisure activity and get active throughout October.

With so many of us working from home you can even log your daily exercise. Getting out for a walk jog run or cycle during the day are all activities that count. You will be burning calories, getting some fresh air and helping your team climb the leaderboards!

How do I win?

Workplaces The winning workplace in each size category will be the one that has the highest level of participation.

Get your colleagues involved and encourage them to leave the car at home and get active, lift share or take public transport to get to work. There are loads of travel options to choose from.

Logging just one journey is enough to be included as a participant, helping your team to climb the leaderboard. We hope that they will enjoy a more active commute and will give it another try.

Individuals Remember that to climb the leaderboard you must make and log lots of journeys rather than a small number of long journeys. We want to see you making regular changes to your commuting and business journeys. We will be celebrating your success with loads of prizes along the way as well as putting the top 10 from the leaderboard into a grand prize draw at the end of March.